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Find out why customers prefer Carlos Garcia Photography. If you want your photography needs to be fulfilled, be sure that Carlos will be there to give you the finest images of your very special day.

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Certified Professional Photographer

As the leading certifying agency for imaging professionals, the Professional Photographic Certification Program is recognized throughout the photography industry. Those who have earned the Professional Photographic Certification have passed a comprehensive written exam measuring their technical expertise, and have successfully submitted their work to a panel of judges for review and approval.

Experience and continue education

Carlos Garcia’s over two decades of experience in this field is what gives him the aptitude to create works of art of your special day. He graduated in 2000, with both AA degrees in Photography and Multimedia Technology. He is always learning new trends and techniques in photography by attending photo workshops and seminars around the USA. Continuing education is the key to be a successful and creative photographer.
He assures you will be receiving the best of his photography skills.

Different photo and video packages

At this place, you will find photography and video packages, and individual services as well.

No second chances

He understands the importance of your wedding or special event, that is why he is always ready for the unexpected. He understands there are no second chances, there are no “can you do it again” moments, a moment that went away can’t be recreated.

He will go beyond what is expected of him, He will make sure you have the images you always wanted.
It is not about the camera, it is about the knowledge in photography that only years of experience understanding lighting and composition, so there exists harmony among the elements in his images.

Customer Service

He will speak to you directly, and if you ever have an issue with his services he will be there for you and do whatever is necessary to earn your trust.

Physical location

Carlos Garcia is located in Watsonville.

Excellent attention and service

His customers are very important to his business and they deserve the very best and pleasant experience at Carlos Garcia Photography.

He understands your hesitation.

True story: In 1991 he got married to his beautiful wife Margarita, back then he did not pay the needed attention to his wedding photography, they ended up handing over a camera to a friend to do their wedding pictures. To this day, he regrets that decision.
His recommendation, do not handover your camera to uncle Bob. Do not hire the cheapest photographer, in the end, we get what we pay for.

Most of his clients who already know him have booked him more than a year in advance. His advice is, as soon as you book the church and the venue for the reception, then hire your photographer.

He is interested in your needs.

At the meeting, instead of talking about his skills, he loves to talk with you about your needs and how he can help you. Doing so helps him understand your needs a lot better. Remember, your photographer is one of the few persons who is going to be around you most during your very special day.

Business Licence

Carlos Garcia Photography and Video has a business and insurance.


He loves what he does!
Carlos makes it comfortable, easy, fun, relaxed, smooth and stress-free for you to be yourself and enjoy an amazing photo shoot.

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